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Probate and being an Executor

Probate is technically:
The process of legally establishing the validity of a Will before a judicial authority”

Being a Representative for an estate or Executor can be a daunting task. Initial steps that are your responsibility are: secure the assets / Insure the Assets / Arranging the funeral / Assessing the death estate assets & liabilities, including Inheritance Tax / Arranging for payment of inheritance tax / Arranging for the grant of probate / Calling in assets / Paying debts, liabilities / distribution. This can be too much for some if the estate is even slightly complex, especially at such a difficult time.

At APS we can help by providing a full probate service that takes the worry away from the representatives and ensures all legal work is carried out thoroughly, professionally and compassionately. Anthony Coyle will be with you at every step to ensure your loved ones wishes are carried out exactly as they planned.