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Lasting Powers of attorney

A Lasting Powers of Attorney is a very beneficial legal document and is usually seen as the final piece of the process in planning and protecting your estate. Through this legal document you can appoint whom you wish to manage your affairs and estate should you become mentally incapable of managing them yourself. If a Lasting Powers of Attorney has not been drawn up, joint assets can be frozen while your family applies to the Court of Protection for a procedure known as receivership – an expensive and cumbersome process. LPAs can only be granted when you (the donor) still have capacity so putting it off can be a very costly decision.

There are two types of LPAs. Financial and Health/Wellbeing. A Financial LPA gives the attorney authority to carry out all financial affairs for the donor. The Health and Wellbeing LPA supports the donor (once capacity has been lost) in all health matters such as care decisions and life support.

Once the Office of the Public Guardian has registered the LPAs they must only be used for the benefit of the donor.

Anthony has had both Lasting Powers of Attorney in place for a relative for many years and can explain in detail the benefits of supporting loved ones using this legal process.